Wake Id Portal - Wake ID (2024)

Remembering usernames and passwords for multiple wake county school websites can be daunting. But this issue can be easily solved through the Wake ID Portal. In this post, we will provide you with all the information related to Wake ID Login.

But before we get to that part, it is important to understand what the wake id portal login is and how it benefits you. Let’s get started with the wake portal id login below.

What Is Wake ID Portal and Its Benefits?

Wake ID is an access gateway that allows students, teachers, and parents of students to access information related to educational resources. This facility is only available to wake county public school system students only.

Students from other school systems won’t be able to access this wcpss wake id portal. Users need to use their unique usernames and passwords to access this online platform.

The platform has multiple benefits, which allow students, parents, and teachers to access various online resources. These resources are Google Classroom, Canvas, PowerSchool, etc.

The wake portal Id allows users to manage WakeIDs and associated accounts- their passwords and email accounts. This platform also has a secure login system that keeps all your data safe.

How To Register For Wake ID Portal Log In?

To register on the wake id login portal, you should be a student in one of the wake county schools. After getting into one of the schools, you will receive a registration email.

This email will include the Wake ID number and all the information you need to create an account on the wake id login portal.

On the portal, you will be asked to set up a unique username and password. While carrying out the process, you have to verify your identity and agree to their terms and conditions.

How To Login To Wake County ID Portal?

The login process is very simple. You can follow the steps below to log in to the wake id portal wcpss.

  • Browse to the official website of Wake ID Portal.
  • Select the type of user (Eg. Staff or Student).
  • Enter your WakeID.
  • Hit Continue to Log In.
Wake Id Portal - Wake ID (1)

If you are a wcpss staff, you must claim your account before your first wake id portal sign-in. Here is how you can claim your WakeID portal.

Steps To Claim WakeID Account

  • Visit the wake id portal, sign in, and answer three security questions.
  • Once you are done, set the password.
  • You can access applications through this portal as well.

And that is how you can claim your Wakeid id portal. If, for some unfortunate reason, you forget the ID and password of my wake id portal, then you need to reset it. Here is how.

Note: The claiming process does not apply to students.

How To Reset Wake ID Portal Login’ Password?

Here are the steps by following which you should be able to reset your Wake ID password.

  • Visit the Wake ID Portal page.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Enter your Wake County portal id and answer the security questions.

Once you are done with that, you will receive an email on your registered wake id portal email address. This will contain further instructions on resetting your wake id portal powerschool password.

FAQs Related To Student Wake ID Portal

Is Wake Portal Secure?

Yes! The wake ID portal is secure, but for that, you need to log into my wake id portal through the link provided above.

How To Log In To Wake ID Parent Portal?

You can log in to the Wake ID parent portal by visiting the login page. Once you are there, enter the registered ID password and click on Login.

What To Do If I Forget My Wake ID Password?

Suppose you forget the password for the wake id email student portal. Then you can visit the website and click on Forgot Password and follow the due process to reset it.

Can I Access Wake ID portal.com from Mobile?

Yes, you can access the wake id portal for wake county public schools from your smartphone or tablet.

What To Do If I Face Issues With Wake.ID Portal While Login?

If you face issues with the wake id portal for students, then you can try resetting the password. If that doesn’t work, then you can try contacting the Wake Tech IT Department, and they will help you out.


The Wake ID portal for students is an important tool. This helps them in managing many things with ease, such as traditional calendars, etc. And all you need to do for that is to visit the wake id student email portal and log in with the credentials. Besides students, rapididentity wake id portal is important for teachers and parents too.

Though the wake.id portal.com is safe and secure; it is important for us to use a strong username and password to protect our privacy and data. It is important for us to stay vigilant when accessing the wake id student emal portal.

Wake Id Portal - Wake ID (2024)
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