Sweet Bonanza 1000 (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review & Demo (2024)

Sweet Bonanza 1000: Slot Overview

If you've blinked and not noticed before, software provider Pragmatic Play has revamped a number of slots in its portfolio, grouping them together under a '1000' label. Slots that undergo the 1000 treatment generally leave the bulk of their features as is while stretching certain elements to produce a much bigger game. Today's release is Sweet Bonanza 1000 and is a reworking of the studio's classic sweet-themed scatter paying slot, Sweet Bonanza. Don't expect major changes to the way the game functions, but this is a far more potent machine than its popular predecessor.

Don't be expecting a new set of visuals to accompany the changes, either. Sweet Bonanza 1000 is located in more or less the same swirly candy land as before, and if there are any major differences to the background, they are not easy to spot. Maybe the definition is higher, the colours more vibrant? Sweet Bonanza hit casinos in mid-2019, and there have been a shed load of candy-themed slots released in the interim - Pragmatic Play itself has revisited the swirl in games like Sugar Rush. As such, the view might be staler than the original's was but no less cheerful on the eyes.

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Statistically, some of Sweet Bonanza 1000 is comparable to its sibling, such as the default 96.53% RTP value, though the math model volatility now rates as high. On a 6-reel, 5-row gaming panel is where the action unfolds, where wins are produced by a scatter-pays system. In a nutshell, when at least 8 identical pay symbols appear in view, there you go, some cash. Bet levels are 20 cents to $/€240 per game round, and if you activate the Ante Bet, the stake goes up by 25% to double the chance of winning free spins. The Ante Bet RTP is 96.5%.

Pay symbols in Sweet Bonanza 1000 are bananas, grapes, watermelons, plums, apples, blue candy, green candy, purple candy, and red candy. An 8-9 symbol scatter win pays 0.25x to 10x the bet, while the biggest hauls are 2 to 50 times the bet for a 12+ sized scatter hit. Wild symbols are not part of Sweet Bonanza 1000 action, no matter the phase.

Sweet Bonanza 1000: Slot Features

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Sweet Bonanza 1000's features are basically the same as the original's, such as the tumble feature, multiplier symbols, and free spins; it's just that the game has a tad more juice.

Tumble Feature

The tumble mechanic blasts winning symbols from the reels, then fills the blanks by dropping symbols downwards. If a new win appears on the grid after a drop, the tumble feature does its thing again. Tumbling continues until no new win appears.

Free Spins

Hitting 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols awards 10 free spins plus a payout of 3x, 5x, or 100x the bet, respectively. Whenever 3 or more scatters land during the free spins round, +5 free spins are awarded. Multiplier symbols are present in the free spins round. When multiplier symbols hit, they have values of x2 to x1,000, and they remain on the screen till the end of a tumbling sequence. When the tumbling ends, all multipliers in view are added up and applied to the spin's total win but only if it's a winning sequence.

Buy Free Spins

The free spins round can be instantly triggered from the base game. For 100x the bet, players can buy free spins triggered by 4 or more scatters. For 500x the bet, players can buy super free spins where the minimum multiplier value is x20. The free spins buy RTP is 96.52%, while the super free spins RTP is 96.55%.

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Sweet Bonanza 1000: Slot Verdict

As these 1000 slots often go, you don't notice a lot of difference a lot of the time. For all intents and purposes, Sweet Bonanza 1000 looks the same and plays the same, but Pragmatic Play has worked in a number of tweaks and adjustments to make the experience a rather different kettle of fish. Though, in saying so, there are things about Sweet Bonanza 1000 which make its differences less pronounced than other 1000 slots have been.

Here's the thing, 1000 slots have a tendency to push winning potential through the roof. Gates of Olympus 1000, for example, tripled the original's win cap out to 15,000x the bet. In Sweet Bonanza 1000, this isn't so much the case. It's actually pretty amusing that the 25,000x the bet win cap isn't much higher than Sweet Bonanza's 21,100x, but as most already know, that max win appears not to be achievable. In this version, however, players have access, technical access, to multipliers of up to 1,000x compared to the original's x100 top multiplier. Make of that what you will, but the max win figure, this time, is indeed achievable given the firepower Sweet Bonanza 1000 is able to bring to bear.

Sweet Bonanza 1000 packs an extra feature buy option as well, which might be all the sweetener certain fans of the first need to get on board with the remake. This is a bigger game, fair enough, but in some ways, not so much bigger, theoretically speaking. Still, add everything up, and Sweet Bonanza 1000 ticks all the boxes required of a 1000 slot, offering all the things the original did, and more.

Sweet Bonanza 1000 (Pragmatic Play) Slot Review & Demo (2024)
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