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The story of The Right Hairstyles as an online magazine dedicated to all things hair started in 2013. Back then, we felt frustrated by the fact that hairstyle inspiration images would only feature celebrities who often have a team of experts to help them maintain the impeccable look and style intricate updos. Since that time, The Right Hairstyles has published over 1000 articles with handpicked haircut and hairstyle ideas that each of you can confidently bring to your stylist. We have also gathered a community of experts who share exclusive tips and guidelines to help you reach your hair goals.

Our mission is to help each of you experience the power of the right hairstyle to bring out your unique beauty, boost your confidence, and promote your ultimate self-expression.

We work towards our mission by

  • Creating an easy-to-navigate repository of trending haircut, hairstyle and hair color ideas

  • Sharing trustworthy guides on how to keep your hair healthy, accounting for its unique texture

  • Providing helpful how-to guides and tutorials on hair styling, hair care routines, and DIY hairstyles

  • Reporting on the latest news in the world of hair, including haircut and hair color trends and trending stories

Editorial Guidelines

Our team of editors and writers commit to creating original, helpful and accurate content, while avoiding bias and striving for diversity and inclusivity. To read our full Editorial Guidelines and Diversity Pledge, please click here.

We are proud to work with many talented hairstylists and hair educators who have joined The Right Hairstyles team as content writers and expert reviewers.


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Olga Markuse


Olga is a professional wedding hairstylist based in the UK. She specializes in modern, effortless, relaxed looks, which emphasize her client’s best features. Olga's hairstyles have been featured in print magazines such as Salonfocus and Weddings & Honeymoons. The stylist is sharing her knowledge and love for hair by training and mentoring other hairdressers.

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Ghanima Abdullah

Stylist and Beauty Consultant

Ghanima is a bilingual cosmetologist from Chicago who lives in the Dominican Republic. As a stylist and beauty consultant, she has been in the industry for a few decades, doing hair and makeup, product formulation and consultancy. But for the past seven years, my focus has been on research and writing. It’s taken her everywhere from brow bars to beauty subscription boxes, body contouring clinics to black hair sites, microneedling newsletters to Amazon best seller lists. You could say she's gotten around! Her knowledge happily spans all skin and hair types, most procedures and all sorts of products, but she still keeps checking out the new ones and making up her own.

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Samantha Harpman

Color Specialist

Samantha Harman is a blonde and balayage specialist based in Marlow, Oklahoma. Hair has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. Samantha’s mom was also a hairstylist and has been a huge influence on her love for this industry. She got her cosmetology license in 2014 and, after working behind the chair for two years, decided to get the instructors license. She loves being able to style and instruct. Working behind the chair is something Samantha’s very passionate about, and it gives her real-time experience to share with her students. She says, “I truly have a passion and drive for the hair industry, and there has never been a doubt in my mind that this is what I was meant to do!”

Nikki Goddard

Certified Hair Stylist

Born and based in San Jose, California, Nikki Goddard has always had a passion for hair styling and unusual makeup techniques. At the age of 20, she started her education in The Salon Professional Academy and went on an extensive program in hair salons. Today, Nikki is a certified hair stylist and makeup artist with an associate degree in cosmetology.Currently, Nikki is a senior editor at therighthairstyles.com. She takes pride in being the root of inspiration for not only herself, but the entire team at The Right Hairstyles magazine. Her mission is to make the beauty industry available to everyone, and she enjoys teaching people the basics of hairstyling and makeup through the magazine’s articles. Nikki’s attention to detail and her ability to create a unique look that complements each client’s individuality is what continues to motivate her each day.

Carissa Mendoza

Hair Stylist/Colorist

Carissa is a hairdresser in Dallas, Texas at Hairstory Studio Dallas. She does both cut and color, specializing in hand-painted hair and balayage. The world of color in every form has always fascinated her. Carissa loves the history of color, the chemistry involved, and the influence it has in our lives. Then, you apply these principles to the world of hair and she falls in love with it all over. A cut and or color can transform the way someone looks, feels or even acts. Carissa loves collaborating with her clients to create a look that brings out their personality and makes them feel like their most authentic selves. This is what drives her to do what she does and grow in her craft daily. Carissa is most proud of the connections she makes with her clients. The skills and knowledge she continues to develop and execute provide her clients with customized cuts and colors to fit their lifestyle and personalities.

Sally Underwood

Beauty Journalist

Beauty journalist and blogger Sally Underwood has more than 20 years’ experience researching the best in all things beauty. A fan of prioritizing the health of skin and hair, Sally has written for newspapers and magazines across the world as well as sharing her recommendations on her own site, Live That Glow. A big believer that great hair and skin doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, she uses her wealth of beauty experience to help others find the right products for them (and weed out the duds).

Jamie Wiley

Session Stylist

Jamie Wiley became an educator to share, elevate and motivate her fellow hairdressers. Her power of knowledge helped her grow into the role of Artistic Director with Pureology Serious Color Care. Jamie’s personal desire for excellence has caused her work to be featured and Key NYFW as well as such industry recognitions as a Next Generation of Influencers by American Salon. Jamie’s work has received prestigious nominations for multiple industry contests including NAHA, BTC One Shot and Global Image Awards; as well as publications like Modern Salon, Estetica, and many others. Jamie is also an accomplished social media influencer and author of the book HAIRBOSS™.

Leigh Ann Newman

Gray Hair Influencer

Leigh Ann Newman is an Idaho mom, writer and media influencer who loves sharing stories of life on a 600-acre grain farm where she lives with her husband, their Morgan horses and their humorous son, Frank. Her stories include looking for the true joy in our lives and helping others find their most joyous moments. Her favorite hairstyles are the ones that make you feel the most beautiful inside, as well as out, and that help you recognize that the wonderful part of each of us is that we are all unique. She welcomes you to join her gray hair journey at her Instagram.

Carly Walters Bethel

Celebrity Hairstylist

Carly is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist. After receiving her cosmetology license from the Vidal Sassoon Academy, she began assisting and taking clients at the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills. She then went on to assist celebrity hair legend Jen Atkin, before beginning her solo career. Carly took part in the major fashion weeks such as NYFW, MFW, PFW and film festivals including Toronto and Cannes. Her celebrity clients include Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Jenna Dewan, Lucy Hale, Ashley Graham, and Chrissy Teigen.

Kathleen Sagash

Curly Hair Influencer

Through her Instagram page, Katie’s goal is to make caring for curls as easy as possible. A curly girl her entire life, she decided to fully embrace her natural curls when her oldest niece grew curly locks of her own. She loves helping women all over the world learn to embrace their waves and curls by sharing styling techniques, tips, and tricks.

Teshna Farquharson

Hair Blogger

Teshna Farquharson is a London based Hair, fashion and beauty Blogger/Vlogger. In 2012, Teshna created her first YouTube video to document her natural hair journey. This quickly became a platform dedicated to helping women understand and care for their natural hair. She also loves Make-up and fashion, her blog now combines everything from hair tutorials, fashion lookbooks and beauty tips which aims to inspire the modern woman.

Sali Rasa

Hair Blogger

Sali Rasa is a hair blogger and influencer who provides incredible short hair inspiration. She wows her audience with new and inventive ways of styling pixie hair and shares life-changing hacks with The Right Hairstyles` readers through guest contributions.

Jodie Michalak

Hair Expert

Queen of the beauty verse, Jodie Michalak is a hair and beauty consultant, lifestyle writer, and how-to expert with over 10 years professional beauty writing experience and over 2500 published articles. Since obtaining her cosmetology license in 1999, she's collaborated with experts in every niche including other hairdressers, product developers, and cosmetic brands. Jodie's contributions can be found at About.com, LiveAbout.com, CBS, moorebeautyusa.com, Texas Living Magazine, and more. Her passion, curiosity, and penchant for a pen keeps Jodie making waves in the industry.


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Ema Globyte

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Katie Gray

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Vanessa Osbourne

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Sally Underwood

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